Saturday, April 3, 2010

Military Brathood -- Places Where I Lived

Posts on this blog could be sporadic. Rather than delete the whole blog, I'll leave it alone in case the mood strikes me to visit memory lane on the web again. Just for search purposes, for benefit of previous acquaintances who might be looking around as on Facebook, following are places where we lived during my 1960's and 70's formative years and my schools:

~~ Shefford, Bedfordshire, England. My very first home. I've been shown the bungalow where we lived. I have the vaguest memories of visiting Great Grandma down the road.
~~ Niagara Falls, or whatever air force base was in that area of New York State.
~~ Ruislip, Middlesex, England. Another bungalow, Herlwyn Avenue. Sacred Heart Primary. Quite vivid memories, and I've posted earlier about some of them.
~~ Grissom Air Force Base, Indiana, with a few months in Nead down the highway before getting a base house. Nead Elementary and Randall Elementary. I drove through the area a few years ago while in Indiana for the Bloomington Early Music Festival.
~~ Clifton, Bedfordshire. Mom's home village. We visited frequently before and now were spending a year with my grandparents while Dad was stationed at Shemya Air Force Base in the Aleutian Islands. The parish school in Clifton. A few months at the American school on Chicksands AFB. We also visited cousins in East Harling, Norfolk, during our stays in England.
~~ Homestead Air Force Base, Florida. The elementary school just off the base; Mays Junior High School; South Dade Senior High School.
~~ Kinston, North Carolina. Dad had retired from the US Air Force (he was a fireman), and he took us to settle in his home town. Kinston High School. Duke University.

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