Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm still here.

Not wallowing in nostalgia. Well, not all the time. We understand that nostalgia can be dangerous, because we tend to wax about good things and forget about how some things have improved. I miss some childhood acquaintances on both sides of the Atlantic, though I've reconnected with some on Facebook.

Hurricane Irene is still strong in memory here in Maryland. There was also the small earthquake that rattled most of the eastern US shortly before Irene. Since Irene passed and dissipated, we've been having a weird spell of constant rain which continues as I post here and which caused water intrusion and damage in homes that stayed tight during the hurricane. My own basement areas were not unscathed, but my damage was minimal compared to some other places nearby. Still, it was a signal that some runoff problems outside my home need to be addressed. (A condominium board and a property management company come into play with this.)

During Irene I stayed in touch by phone with relatives in eastern North Carolina, not far from the coast. They were being hit hard and losing a lot of trees and roofs. And beach cottages. I have to admire the stamina of a close relative, 70 plus years old, who weathered the storm in her new apartment while watching shingles flying off the roof and water stains appearing in her ceiling. Way, way back in the 20th century in a village not very far from London, her reality included the air raid shelter in the back yard and the sound of Nazi flying bombs overhead on their way to the city.

I just turned 51 last spring. Walking around some of the local waterways near me in Columbia, Maryland, this summer -- this brought flashbacks of walking around the canals on Homestead Air Force Base in south Florida during the 1970's. I was catching sailfin mollies in a net (while keeping an eye on the small gators that sometimes showed up in the canals) to take back home for my aquarium hobby.

If you find this "message in an e-bottle", I'm blogging over here about opera, gardening and other things that I enjoy now.